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Psych Help: Not Bad For An App

Anyone who has struggled with addiction, mental illness, substance abuse of a family member or even (relatively) uncomplicated adjustment issues knows that finding help is no small matter. In fact, telling someone “you need help” without some kind of follow up or additional suggestion is more simple insult than it is helpful intervention.

If you're struggling with substance abuse issues with relatively few complications in a situation where you don't need medical detox, you might find all the mental health intervention you need can be found in 12 step meetings. For many people though, 12 step meetings aren't adequate to process the trauma and emotional difficulties that made them start using substances to numb out in the first place. So the search for a therapist begins.

If you have insurance, often the simplest way to find therapy is to call the 1.800 number on the back of your card and say that you are looking for mental health care. They will probably have a separate line you will need to call, but they can tell you about your benefits and who eligible mental health care providers are in your system.

If you don't have insurance, don't want to go through your insurance, or have special circumstances that you want your therapist to know how to address, the Pscyh Help app might helpful for you. You download it on your iphone or android, tap “yes” that it can access your geographical location, and you're presented with options for different types of therapists, including some you may have never heard of (what's an “existential therapist?”) and direct links to their email or phone.