Zen and the Art of Sex

  Almost every day, a new "sex" study comes out. I have no idea how people are selected for these "scientific" studies, but this one takes the cake. Trust me, it's better than the survey about alcohol playing a factor in women's sexuality (probably as a result of college), not as funny as the survey about the world's "worst lovers", and not as obvious as the recent survey about a woman's happiness being increased by the amount of "lovin" she's getting. According to Fox News, my trusted source in broadcasting, spiritual women have better sex lives.
According to the article, not only do spiritual women have more sex than their non-spiritual counterparts,  "For women, however, spirituality was the strongest predictor for the number of sexual partners, the frequency of sex, and the tendency to have sex without a condom" which is the strangest thing I have read today, unless of course by spiritual they mean women with tramp stamps.
The study was based on a questionnaire of college students who were also asked about their impulsiveness and alcohol use. This survey seemed to indicate that alcohol use was less a factor than spirituality, which does not say much for the honesty of the respondants. Don't most college students have more sex if they're drunk? Without giving away any of my personal experiences, I can say that among my circle of friends, a night at a kegger had more to do with a one-night-stand than any deep-seated religous experience that any of us were having and that if people weren't using condoms, it had more to do with free pills at the university health clinic than our beliefs.  Somehow, I don't think things are that different now.
To read this article, though, sex sounds like another thing entirely. The author makes the point that women's feeling of spiritual connection is what leads them to have more sex partners than anything else.  The whole study seems more than a little fishy to me, which leads into my next point. Sex studies aren't the only skewed news stories  by Fox-News.  In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if this whole "study" wasn't manipulated to make Ann Coulter (my favorite political pundit for her benevolence to exactly no one) look better for her claims that conservative women have better sex.
Basically,  I'm so inspired by this study that I'd like to conduct my own research into the sex field. I'm not sure I'd just settle for a questionnaire, though.

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Hmmmmmm, I've got no problem with people being spiritual, just don't see the correlation between an increase in the amount of sex partners and a decrease in the amount of condom useage.