Women's Favorite Sex Positions

If you want the sex gospel according to askmen.com take a gander at here.If you want to know what most women's faves are, simply ask your friends. For an amazing array of useless sex tips, there is always Cosmo, which is great airplane reading, unless of course you are hoping to impress the person sitting next to you.

askmen.com is  known for its over-dominating male opinions and  is seemingly written by men for men. Its recent article on women's favorite sexual positions failed to demonstrate a mastery of the delicate gender. It's not that the sexual positions in this article are that out of whack per se; it's just the writer's assumptions about women seem mostly ridiculous and ill-thought out. The writer's  "words of wisdom" sound like what you would hear in a junior high locker room. The surprising thing is that the article is written by a woman, but sounds more like it is written by a man.  Of course, I don't want to sink to this level of trash talk; I just want to take a closer look at his little "list" and examine the reasons behind the positions given.

"The Private Lap Dance" or women on top position is listed as a fave because "Most women love being on top for one simple reason: It makes them feel like they're in charge, and power is always a heady aphrodisiac". That's not exactly why I like this position and while some women might like the heady feeling of control I don't like this particular writer speaking for the entire female gender.  She fails to mention the simple fact that many women prefer to "take a ride" because this is the easiest position for them to orgasm because they can control both the angle and the clitoral stimulation.

"The Comfort Zone" is of course the missionary position. Her advice to men in this position? "Take it to the next level by talking dirty to her. Bring your lips close to her ear and whisper what you’re going to do to her; let her know she’ll be screaming your name before it’s over." Yeah, right. I always love it when a man tells me I am going to be screaming his name. Again, please note the dripping sarcasm here. That kind of pressure is what encourages women to fake orgasms in the first place.

The rest of the advice about the remaining positions is a little bit better as the writer encourages positions that might stimulate the woman a little more effectively, but I dislike the gall of the writer with such ridiculous assertions given for why women prefer the different positions and I still remain firm in my belief that the article sounds more like it was written by a man.   Also, the teaser in the beginning of the article mentions women's favorite backdoor positions as well, but not surprisingly, none of these are mentioned. The other positions listed include doggy style, the spoon, and standing up and mention both direct clitoral stimulation and that ever-elusive G-spot.

I'm curious what other women feel about the different sexual positions and why they prefer them.

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that's why it says in the article that it is written by a woman, but sounds like it was written by a man.



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in the article, when refering to the author you use the male pronouns "he" and "his". kind of misleading, even if you've already stated the sex of the author. "she" and "her" really would be more accurate, regardless of what you think the authors sex may be based on the tone of the writing.

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my bad, thanks for calling it to my attention. i am, however, of the opinion, that it was written by a guy since the site is called "ask men".

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Missionary for the intimacy, doggy-style when I feel dirty, and on top when I am super-duper horny. Everything else is just for fun!

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Yep, I gotta say that I loove sex! Every oosition, every day, even every man I can get my hands on! Call me a slut but my fiancee sux in bed and my orgasms are either fake or don't come quickly enough and its quite frustrating so if ur a guy I'm looking for a secret sexy affair where I can fuck u so hard YOU'LL scream MY name. I'm so fuckin horny right now I just wanna fuck you soo hard any position ill have you just FUCK ME!!!